Road resurfacing will affect the number 44, 55 and 50 buses

Valid from Wednesday, Feb 05, 2020 11:59 AM

Over the next month road resurfacing will affect the number 44 St Kilda/Halfway Bush, 55 St Kilda/Brockville and 50 St Clair Park/Helensburgh buses.

As works progress at different sites some stops will be closed or moved to temporary locations and some detours will be required when roads are closed. 

Sometimes work can progress quickly leading to changes in the detours and access, at other times work may be delayed for various reasons including weather.  We will work with the contractor to keep passengers up to date as things progress and impact your service.

When work occurs you can expect the following:

Taieri Road - no detours for the 44 but stops will be closed between Dean Street and Helensburgh Road

Drivers Road - when Drivers Road is closed to uphill traffic the number 50 will have a substantial detour along the north one-way and up Warrender Street, around Passmore Crescent and Grater Street to rejoin the standard route on Balmacewen Road.  The journey from Helensburgh to the city will not require detours but downhill stops on Drivers Road may be closed

Aberdeen Road - the number 50 will detour around Lock Street only when the intersection at Earls Road is closed

Prince Albert Road - the 44 and 55 will follow a detour around Young Street and Ajax Streets when only the right turn onto Bay View Road is closed

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