Royal NZ Pipe Band Contest road closures

Valid from Thursday, Feb 18, 2021 1:27 PM

**Royal NZ Pipe Band Contest affects central city buses 3, 5/6, 8, 10/11, 15, 19, 33, 44, 55**
It's great that the Royal NZ Pipe Band event is on this weekend. As it is in the Octagon and part of George Street, associated road closures may affect your bus route on Sunday 21 February from 8:30am – 11am in parts of St Andrew Street, George Street and Hanover Street, which are closed for the event. Check out the maps and description below.
Buses 19, 33, 44, 55 will use Filluel Street, London Street, Frederick Street, Great King Street
All other services the use George Street between St Andrews and Hanover Streets (3, 5/6, 8, 10/11) will use Frederick Street, Great King Street
Ridgerunner only will be affected from 9 – 5 while part of Dundas Street is closed. The Ridgerunner heading from the University to Anderson’s Bay will continue along Albany Street and turn right onto Great King Street to continue the northbound journey.

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