Reduced bus timetable

A reduced bus timetable is operating in Queenstown.

This has been in place from Tuesday 19 July to provide greater reliability following disruptions due to driver shortages.

The reduced timetable will be the same 7 days a week in Queenstown. We have designed the timetable with our operators to ensure that we provide services at key times as often as possible.

Reduced Queenstown timetable information

Download the Queenstown bus timetables


Transit app 

Check the Transit app daily to see your upcoming services. If you use the Transit app make sure you pin your most frequently used routes, as this will give you notifications about any changes.


Free 0800 phone numbers

Call us anytime on 0800 OrbusQT 0800 672 8778


Total Mobility services

Total Mobility services users should also be aware that drivers could become unavailable at short notice, so please contact your personal support networks to make a travel plan should your Total Mobility taxi be cancelled.


Related information

How long will the reduced service be run for?

We expect the reduced service to be running for at least the next month. Recruitment of new bus drivers is currently underway but this and training will take some time. We will be actively monitoring the situation to see if we can resume normal service prior to this, or if circumstances change.

We will keep you updated via the Queenstown Orbus Facebook page, Transit and our Notifications and Alerts page.


What days and times will the reduced service run?

The reduced timetable will be the same 7 days a week in Queenstown. 


Will Transit show the latest schedule?

Yes, Transit will be up to date so you can plan your day. Pin your favourite routes and check daily for any service advisories.


What if I use the bus to get to work and it doesn’t start running until after my work starts?

We have designed a timetable with operators to ensure that we provide services at key times as often as possible. Please check the updated timetables for Queenstown in advance of your trip to see if your bus will be running. If it’s possible, think about planning your start time with your employer.


Will there still be missed trips?

The move to a reduced service means we are offering fewer services, but those services are more reliable. This should mean fewer missed trips. Check transit, or the website each day to view alerts, or call us:

0800 OrbusQT 0800 672 8778


Will the tracking and timetables work?

The tracking and timetables should work. They have been set up so that passengers receive information on the new reduced services timetable.


Why are you moving to a reduced timetable?

Recent levels of driver illness have been very high and this, coupled with recovery times and self-isolation periods, means we have now met the criteria approved by Council in March for moving to a reduced timetable. We are one of the last big cities in the country to move to a reduced timetable and this is because, until recently, we have been able to deliver an average 90% of services as scheduled.

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