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Suburb information

The new service will mean changes from the former Connectabus routes. Find out about the new routes in your suburb below.

The new route from Arrowtown to Arthurs Point, via Quail Rise, Frankton, and Queenstown town centre, replaces the #8 Arthurs Point service and the #10 Arrowtown service. The route is more direct, via SH6A, and will no longer deviate into Lake Hayes Estate. It runs from 6.02am (outbound) to 10.54pm (inbound). The route will no longer be a ‘hail and ride’ service.

New stops are located at:

> Ramshaw Lane, on the river-side opposite the existing bus stop outside the Museum

> Centennial Avenue, both sides of the road by the Arrowtown Holiday Park

> Adamson Drive, opposite the existing stop at the Four Square

> Corner of Tucker Beach Road and SH6A Ladies-Mile Highway

Arrowtown factsheet

The new route from Arthurs Point – Queenstown town centre – Frankton – Arrowtown replaces the #8 Arthurs Point service and the #10 Arrowtown service. It runs from just after 6am (outbound) to shortly before 11pm (inbound). The route is more direct and will no longer service the Nugget Point Hotel on Arthurs Point Road, nor deviate into Lake Hayes Estate.

The new service will travel along SH6A, rather than connect Arthurs Point to Arrowtown via Manse Road and Malaghans Road. Stop ID#40 on Ramshaw Lane will no longer be serviced.

Arthurs Point factsheet

Buses to and from Frankton will operate more frequently under the new bus service, from approximately 6am to 12:30am.

The bus interchange in Frankton will be extended and NZTA is creating a new bus priority lane on the eastern side of SH6 from Grey Street to the southern entrance of the weigh pit. Part of the work will see the installation of a signalised pedestrian crossing point across SH6 for safer access to the bus interchange.

The bus interchange at Frankton will operate as the central ‘hub’ of the public transport network. All four routes will service the hub and it will be the key location where transfers between services will occur.

For example, for someone who wants to travel from Lake Hayes Estate to Queenstown town centre, they will need to transfer from the #4 Lake Hayes – Jacks Point bus service onto either the #2 Arrowtown – Arthurs Point service at the Frankton bus interchange.

Frankton factsheet

Jacks Point will be serviced for the first time under the new $2 Bus service. Stops will be located on Maori Jack Road, by the intersection with Morrison Drive, and Mcadam Drive, near Jacks Point Golf Course and Clubhouse. There will also be another two bus stops on Jacks Point Rise.

Buses will run between the hours of 6am and shortly after 10pm.

Jacks Point factsheet

The new bus route travelling via Frankton Flats – Five Mile – Frankton – Airport – Kelvin Heights will enable the Five Mile Shopping Centre and Frankton Flats retail area to be serviced for the first time. This route replaces the current #6 Kelvin Heights/Hilton bus. Unlike the current bus, it won’t include a trip down to the Kawarau Falls Hilton Hotel (Stop ID#79); this is keeping with the overall network principles of having services that are more direct to get you where you’re going, faster.

Along with the existing bus stops, new bus stops will be located at:

> Hawthorne Drive, near Pak ‘n’ Save

> Grant Road, outside the entrance/exit to the Five Mile Shopping Centre

> Robertson Street

Kelvin Heights factsheet

Bus services to and from Lake Hayes Estate and Shotover Country will operate more frequently, with extended hours between 6am and 11pm. To enable bus service to run efficiently, there will no longer be a ‘hail and ride’ service at Lake Hayes Estate. The new service to Jacks Point replaces the #12 Quail Rise/Lake Hayes Estate service.

New $2 Bus stops will be located at:

> Stalker Road – both sides of the road

> Jones Ave – both sides of the road

> Onslow Road – one inbound bus stop

> Quail Rise – corner of SH6A and Tucker Beach Rd

> SH6A near Hardware Lane, Frankton Flats

Note: Proposed bus stops along Hope Avenue have been suspended awaiting further consultation with the community by QLDC. They will not be in place on 20 November. We are in the process of updating the Lake Hayes factsheet now.

Lake Hayes factsheet

Residents may be aware that there was some uncertainty around how Quail Rise would be serviced. We can confirm that the Arrowtown – Arthur’s Point route will service Quail Rise, running up Tucker Beach Road to Ferry Hill Drive.

Quail Rise factsheet

Services will run from Sunshine Bay via Fernhill to Queenstown town centre, Queenstown Airport and Remarkables Park. This route replaces the #9 Fernhill/Sunshine Bay service and the #11 Queenstown town centre/Airport/Remarkables Park service.

This is a more direct route, which will no longer service Stop ID#76 Aspen Hotel and Stop ID#67 Mercure Resort on Sainsbury Road. Sunshine Bay will be serviced between the peak hours of 7:25am–8:10am (to Queenstown) and 5:47pm–6:37pm (from Queenstown). Services from Fernhill will run from 6am to 12:42am.

New $2 Bus stops will be located at:

> Sainsbury Road, by QRC Lodge

> Three new bus stops on Camp Street

> Red Oaks Drive, outside the new Wakatipu High School

Sunshine Bay factsheet

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