GoCard Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions of use are deemed to be accepted by the recipient upon the issue of a GoCard, and by all others users upon use of the GoCard. These terms and conditions of use may be altered from time to time by the Otago Regional Council (ORC). The ORC shall not be required to notify individual users of any such change, but the ORC will give not less than two weeks public notice of any changes. Such public notice will be placed in the Otago Daily Times and the Star newspapers circulation in Dunedin Metropolitan area. Alterations to current terms and conditions will be binding immediately when they have been posted on this website.

Terms and conditions:

  1. The GoCard and its smartcard chip shall remain the property of the ORC at all times.

  2. The electronic purse contained within the card may only be used for the purpose of travel authorised by the ORC. Credit stored in the electronic purse is not refundable.

  3. A receipt for travel will be issued for each use of the GoCard. Any dispute over the value of the travel charged must be raised with the driver at the time the receipt is issued. If the dispute is not resolved with the driver it may be referred to ORC, whose decision will be final and binding.

  4. The ORC shall at its sole discretion charge a non-refundable card issuance fee, which is to be paid at time of issue.

  5. Failed GoCards will be replaced at no cost to the recipient except where the GoCard has been bent or is structurally damaged. Three working days after receipt of the failed card, the ORC shall transfer the balance from the failed card to the replacement GoCard.

  6. The printed wallet accompanying the GoCard and the receipt provided at time of issue contain a card issue number and must be retained as 'proof of issue'.

  7. Lost or stolen cards must be notified to the ORC as soon as possible. The ORC will require the person notifying the card as lost or stolen to provide 'proof of issue', contact details including name, address and contact telephone number, and proof of identity.

  8. Upon receipt of notice that a GoCard has been lost or stolen (in accordance with 7 above) the ORC shall issue a new GoCard to the recipient and within two working days remove the lost or stolen GoCard access to the system. Three working days after notification, the ORC shall transfer the lost or stolen GoCard balance to the new GoCard, unless there is a dispute as to who is entitled to the replacement GoCard. The replacement GoCard shall be subject to the card issuance fee specified in 4 above.

  9. Any dispute as to who is entitled to be reissued a failed, lost or stolen card, or any other matter concerning GoCards, shall be determined by ORC, whose decision shall be final and binding.

  10. ORC may discontinue the use of GoCards (“Expiry”).

  11. After Expiry GoCards cannot be used.

  12. ORC must provide a means by which the credit stored in the electronic purse in GoCards can be transferred (“Balance Transfer”) to a replacement card for use with public transport services similar to those available for use with a GoCard.

  13. Balance Transfer must be available for a period commencing at or before Expiry until a date after Expiry which ORC determines (“Transfer Date”).

  14. Balance Transfer will not be available after the Transfer Date.

  15. ORC may impose pre-conditions to Balance Transfer such as:
    • proof of issue and identity being provided; and
    • return of the GoCard.
  16. ORC is not required to maintain any database, computer system or hardware (such as card readers) for use with GoCards after the Transfer Date.

  17. At least twice before Expiry ORC shall publish a notice in the Otago Daily Times (“Public Notice”) specifying:
    • the date of Expiry;
    • that GoCards are discontinued with effect at Expiry and cannot be used after that date;
    • that details of how GoCard holders can make a Balance Transfer are published on the ORC website; and
    • the Transfer Date.

  18. At least two weeks before Expiry and not later than the date of the first Public Notice ORC must post on its website (“Website Notice”) notice of:
    • the date of Expiry
    • that GoCards are discontinued with effect at Expiry and cannot be used after that date;
    • details of how GoCard holders can make a Balance Transfer; and
    • the Transfer Date.

  19. The Website Notice must remain on the ORC website until the Transfer Date.

  20. Expiry takes effect on the date specified in the Website Notice.
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