What can I take on the bus?

For the safety, comfort and convenience of our passengers, Otago Regional Council has worked with Dunedin bus companies to develop a set of carriage guidelines.

 Pushchairs and strollers


If requested by your bus driver, please fold your pram or stroller to make room for others.
If you are using an accessible seating area, wheelchair passengers have priority.

 Scooters, skates and skateboards 


All items must be carried on by hand. If possible, scooters should be folded before boarding. Skates may not be worn.

 Service dogs 


This includes guide and hearing dogs, and puppies in training. Your dog must be on a lead and sit on the floor.



For more information on wheelchairs view our accessibility information.



Sorry, there is not enough room for surfboards on the bus, and bike racks are for bikes only.

 Mobility/motorised scooters 


These are not allowed on the bus.



The only animals allowed on the bus are service dogs.



Other carry-on items

Within reason, other items can be taken on board, however space can be limited so please check with the bus operator before you travel.  

No eating, drinking or smoking (including electronic cigarettes) is allowed on buses at any time.

Food or drinks may be brought onto the bus provided the items are in a closed container.

Unsuitable items include:

  • Fragile or delicate items that are not sufficiently packaged to withstand carriage by bus.
  • Full or empty containers of flammable fuels, such petrol/diesel containers, LPG cylinders and other gas bottles.
  • Explosives including fireworks and any type of firearm or offensive weapon.
  • Poisonous, toxic, or hazardous substance.
  • Vehicle batteries.
  • Animals (except in accordance with Council’s Code of Conduct for bus passengers).
  • Large items that won’t fit between seats.
  • Any other item deemed unsafe by the bus driver or Bus Company.

Passengers are solely responsible for ensuring that their property is secure while on the bus.  Neither the operator or the Otago Regional Council accepts any responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage to your property however caused.

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