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As one of the region’s ratepayers, your contribution plays a vital role in making Otago a great place to live, work and play.

As your Regional Council, our role differs from that of a city or district council. We’re responsible for managing Otago’s land, air and water resources on behalf of the community. We also contract passenger transport services, play a role in transport planning, work to reduce the risk of flooding, and lead the planning for and response to natural disasters to help keep people and properties safe.

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Rates make up about a third of Otago Regional Council’s income and are divided into general rates, uniform target rates and targeted rates.

General Rates

These are rates everyone pays as the activities they fund benefit everyone in the region. General rates comprise a rate based on the capital value of the land situated in Otago, and a uniform annual general charge calculated as a fixed amount per property.

Uniform Targeted Rates

These are rates that pay for a particular activity or service where the same amount is charged to every property regardless of the capital value. Civil defence and emergency management is an example of an activity funded by a uniform targeted rate.

Targeted Rates

These are rates that are targeted to specific ratepayers as they pay for work that benefits only some people or parts of the region.


Where does the money come from?

Below is a breakdown of the income sources for the $63 million needed to carry out work in 2018/19. Rates are part of the picture making up $23 million of our income. General rates make up $9 million, and targeted rates make up $14 million. We also pay for what we do from a range of other income sources. 

Rates due date and late payment penalties

The due date for all current year rates is 31 October.

All rates unpaid on 1 November will have a 10% penalty applied.

A further 10% penalty will apply to any arrears unpaid rates unpaid on 1 May. Further penalties will continue to be applied in accordance with Council resolutions.

Make sure your details are up to date. Late arrival of your payment due to incorrect addressing, postal service timing or any other reason is not the responsibility of the Council. You can also choose to receive your rates invoice via email.

Rates invoice via email

Council may engage appropriate collection agencies to assist in the recovery of overdue rate balances at any time after the due date. Where such action is necessary, costs incurred will be charged to the ratepayer's account.

Changed your address?

Otago Regional Council uses property records held by your district or city council. If you’ve changed your postal address, contact your local council with the new details. They will notify us of the change. Please see below for the contact details for local councils in the Otago region.

Dunedin City Council: (03) 477 4000
Queenstown Lakes District Council: (03) 441 0499
Clutha District Council: (03) 419 0200
Waitaki District Council: (03) 433 0300
Central Otago District Council: (03) 440 0056

Need help?

Don’t wait until the penalty date before raising enquiries, get in touch we’re here to help. Be sure to have your rates assessment number handy.

Telephone (ORC telephone numbers)

Toll Free: 0800 474 082

Write to us

Otago Regional Council
Private Bag 1954
Dunedin 9016

Email us

You can email us at CustomerServices@orc.govt.nz

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