Direct Debit Authorisation

Set up or change a direct debit payment by 30 September to automatically pay your rates each year. There are two options: pay in full on the due date of 31 October or the tri-annual option of paying in three equal payments.

A 10% penalty will apply to the full amount of unpaid rates if a direct debit payment is dishonoured.

The digital form can be completed below or if you require a printable version it can be downloaded. Download the Manual Direct Debit Form.

If you wish to set up more than one property on the same direct debit, please attach a file with the property details to this form, or get in touch with our rates team


To be eligible for the tri-annual option, you must have paid any balance owing from previous years before submitting a direct debit authority form. Rates penalties will not apply to current year rates using this option. Your annual rates assessment notice details the date each direct debit will be processed.

Name of Account Holder
Information shown on your bank statement - Organisation
Information shown on your bank statement - Assessment Number
Information shown on your bank statement - Property address
Please provide the following additional property details: Assessment Number, Valuation Number and Property Address


Authorisation Code : 0212092

I/We authorise you until further notice in writing to debit my/our account with you with all amounts which Otago Regional Council (hereinafter referred to as the Initiator) the registered initiator of the above Authorisation Code, may initiate by Direct Debit.

I/We acknowledge and accept that the Bank accepts this authority only upon the conditions listed in the Terms & Conditions available here.


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