Nau mai, welcome to Orbus!

Orbus provides public bus services in Dunedin and public bus and ferry services in Queenstown to help you get to where you need to go.

Using the bus is environmentally friendly, reduces congestion, cheaper than operating and maintaining a private car, and relieves the stress of finding a car park.


The Dunedin Orbus network

The Dunedin network has over 20 bus routes, stretching as far as Palmerston and Mosgiel. Over 2.5 million bus trips were made last year. Go Bus and Ritchies operate the bus services in Dunedin.


The Queenstown Orbus network

The Queenstown network contains five routes, some going as far as Arrowtown and Kelvin Heights. There is also one ferry route that goes from the Hilton (Kelvin Heights) to Queenstown. Over 1.4 million bus trips were made last year. Ritchies operate the bus services in Queenstown, while Queenstown Ferries operate the ferry services.


Orbus is brought to you by the Otago Regional Council. 

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Helpful information

Te kake i te pahi Using the bus

Find info on how to take a bus, bus alerts, what you can take on the bus, school buses, concessions (such as SuperGold), public holidays, tracking your bus, FAQs and more.

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Utu Fares

Find information on bus and ferry fares for adults, children, Community Service card holders and SuperGold card holders.

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Te Kāri Pī Bee Card

Learn everything about the Bee Card, such as why you should get one, how to get it registered and how to use it.

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Wātaka pahi o Ōtepoti Dunedin bus timetables

Find all the different bus routes and times in Dunedin, including to Mosgiel and Palmerston, along with school bus timetables. You can also download a timetable booklet that includes a map.

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Wātaka pahi, wātaka waka kōpiko o Tāhuna Queenstown bus & ferry timetables

Discover the times for all Queenstown bus and ferry routes, including specific school bus times. You can find also downloadable timetables.

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Whai Wāhitaka Accessibility

Learn how Orbus makes bus travel as accessible as possible for a range of different users, such as allowing onboard wheelchairs, service dogs and kneeling buses.

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Tūnuku Transport plans and policies

Learn more about regional transport plans, including for public transport, for the Otago region.

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Whakapā mai Contact us

Get in touch with our fantastic customer services team if you have any questions or feedback on our Orbus services.

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Register an Exempt Public Transport Service

If you're using a vehicle to move people that would could require a public transport service licence, you will need to register or apply for an exemption.

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