Whether you're a regular bus passenger, newcomer or visitor on holiday, you can find all the important information about the Orbus public transport for Dunedin and Queenstown right here.

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Bus alerts

Find the latest Orbus bus and ferry alerts and updates across both the Dunedin and Queenstown networks.

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How to catch the bus

Learn everything on how to use the Orbus public transport network, such as getting a travel Bee Card, planning your bus journey and more.

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Journey planner

Plan your bus journey in Dunedin or Queenstown.

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What can you take on the bus

Find Orbus guidelines on things you can and can’t take on the bus, including information on animals/pets and bikes.

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Fare concessions

Concessions can give discounted or free travel for children, youth, Community Service card holders and SuperGold card holders.

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Public holidays

Find out which services will be operating on specific public holidays.

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School buses

Find everything you need to know about catching a bus to get and from school, such as routes, times, fares and Bee Card concessions.

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At Orbus, accessibility means making bus travel easy for everyone, in many different ways.

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Transit app

Learn more about the free Transit app to plan your journey and track your bus, along with where you can get the app.

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Track your bus in real-time

Learn how Orbus's real-time tracking works so you can see where and when your bus is arriving at your bus stop.

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Cruise ships

Find information regarding buses and news during cruise ship seasons in Dunedin, such as additional buses for Route 14 to/from Port Chalmers to help with increased demand.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Everything you want to know about using Otago public transport in one easy location.

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Code of Conduct

Every person has the right to be treated with respect, with courtesy and remain safe, including on buses and at bus stops.

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Page last updated 8 July 2024.