Track your ride, plan your trip with the free Transit app.

Real time information and travel planning is now available at your fingertips as the Dunedin and Queenstown Orbus networks are live on Transit, the free transport mobility app.

You can also find timetable information for Queenstown Ferries to help you plan your journey in Queenstown (Please note that real time tracking is not available for the ferry service).

The Transit app is used in over 300 locations worldwide. In Otago, you can download this free app and get real-time tracking for your bus in Dunedin or Queenstown. 

All Orbus buses are now fitted with GPS devices, which feed real-time bus arrival times through to Transit. You can now view the bus travelling along toward your stop on your phone and time when to leave for the bus.

How to use the Transit app

  1. Download the Transit app free from the App Store or Google Play for your phone
  2. Open the app
  3. It will find your location and the nearest buses (you may need to turn on location services/enable GPS on your device in your phone’s privacy settings)
  4. It will recommend a bus to catch and the time it takes to get there
  5. Plan a journey, from start to finish – the app even lets you know when to get off the bus
  6. Once you have selected a route, you will notice a pin pop up. Tap the pin to let Transit alert you of disruptions or cancellations on that route. You can select if that is for peak times or all times.

Get more help on the Transit app

Pin your favourite routes on Transit 📌

To get the most out of Transit, pin your favourite routes. When you pin routes, it allows you to receive push notifications when there are major alerts on the bus network, like diversions or large-scale disruption. The ORC website is the best source for all alert information, but Transit can be really useful for notifications too.

Pin your favourite bus route in Dunedin
Pin your favourite bus route in Queenstown