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Catching the bus with the Bee Card is simple and cheap. As well as access to cheaper fares in nine regions around New Zealand, including Otago, and an easy tag on tag off system, you can register your card to top up online, enjoy concessions and manage multiple cards.

If you or your child will be taking the public bus to school, make sure everything is ready before the school term starts:

  • Get your Bee Card at or from any of these Bee Card retailer locations (Note the Bee Card is $5 and you need a minimum $5 top-up).
  • Register the Bee Card online at
  • Once the Bee Card is registered, load it with a child or youth concession to get cheaper fares. 
  • Make sure your Bee Card has funds loaded onto it, to avoid having to top up with the driver on the first day of school. Top your Bee Card up here. You can also set up an auto top up, and share accounts so other people can top up your card.
  • If you don't have a Bee Card on day one of school starting, you can pay for your Orbus service with cash. If you catch a second bus as part of your journey to/from school, you may be eligible for a free transfer . Without a Bee Card, you will have to pay for both buses. 

Get your Bee Card – and register it!

A Bee Card is the prepay travel smartcard you should have.

Get a Bee Card and register it to get cheaper fares through a Child or Youth concession.

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Logan Park HS, Bayfield HS, Dunedin North Intermediate

Kaikorai Valley College, Otago Boys HS, King's & Queen's HS

Page last updated 8 July 2024.