The Bee Card has landed in New Zealand!

This is the new tag on tag off bus card. It’s making its way across the North Island and will be coming to Otago in a few months. We have heaps of time to “Bee Ready”.

The Bee Card is scheduled to replace the GoCard in both Dunedin and Queenstown by winter 2020.

As well as an easy tag on tag off system, it will also offer benefits such as setting up an online profile for topping up and the ability to load your concessions on the card.

Don’t worry, we’ll be working closely with you to make sure you understand how the Bee Card works, to transition from the GoCard to a BeeCard, and to answer any questions you have.

Catching the bus will soon be much easier and simpler thanks to the Bee Card.


Benefits of Bee Card

  • A simple tag-on and tag-off system
  • Manage your own travel including:
    • Online balance checking
    • Topping up online
    • Setting up automatic top-ups
  • Having your concession on your Bee Card
  • Manage more than one Bee Card with a linked account, for example topping up your children’s card.
  • Valid across nine regions in New Zealand (excluding specific concessions and multi-trip products)

The Bee Card is a bus travel card coming to the Orbus network in Otago, one of nine regions and bus networks adopting the new card.

It will be your cheapest way to travel on buses in Dunedin and Queenstown. You can tag on and off the bus quickly and easily.

Like the current GoCard it will provide you with lower fares than if you paid by cash. The Bee Card system also enables you to register your card, create a profile and manage your fares online, including automatic top ups. That means you can check your balance, top-up, track your usage, load your concession and link to other accounts. If it is stolen or lost, you can cancel it and have your balance transferred to a new card through the system. 

The Bee Card is scheduled to replace the GoCard in both Dunedin and Queenstown by winter 2020.

The Bee Card will be rolled out sequentially through the nine participating regions starting with Northland as a live test region. This will be followed by Horizons (Manawatū-Whanganui) and the Waikato by early 2020. The other regions will follow.


The new system is tag on tag off, meaning you just tap the card against the card reader when you get on and off your bus. You can still talk to the driver if you need to, but for most passengers it’ll be a quicker process. The card reader will show your paid fare and balance.

You will get charged a default fare if you forget to top up.


Yes, you will. Online management allows you to manage your own travel including:

  • Online balance checking
  • Topping up online
  • Setting up automatic top-ups
  • Loading your concession.
  • Linking accounts to manage multiple cards, for example topping up your children’s card.


Yes – you can still top up with retailers or the bus driver like you currently do with your GoCard.

However, if you have a concession, you will need to create an online profile to attach the concession to the card. Once you’ve registered, you can choose to manage your cards online or just top up with your usual retailer or bus driver if you prefer.


By winter 2020 people in Dunedin and Queenstown will be travelling on the bus using the Bee Card.

The exact dates are yet to be confirmed, but we will be advertising the switch well in advance providing free cards and free travel in advance to make the transition much smoother.

When Orbus transitions from the GoCards to Bee Card, GoCards will no longer be accepted – only a Bee Card or cash can be used for your fare.


These dates are not yet confirmed. The Bee Card will be available to order closer to switching over. We will advertise via radio, newspaper, Facebook, your local community group, libraries and many other channels to let you know when. During the promotional period, Bee Cards will be free.


You cannot get a Bee Card for Otago just yet. But look out later this year, as we make them readily available before the switch over.


Concession fares including SuperGold and student concessions will not change.

The Bee Card system helps passengers by loading their concessions on to their card so they don’t need to show the driver their ID or gold card. This means quick tag on and tag off for everyone.

All concessions will need to be registered on your Bee Card through the website. We will be working with various groups in the community who would like assistance with creating online profiles and loading concessions.

There will be a period of time where Bee Cards are free to order online or free of charge from bus drivers and your usual other retailers.

Following that we will ask people to run down their GoCard credit and then offer free travel before we switch over. We are looking at options to transfer credit, or even possibly donate left over funds to a charity. It’s happening later this year, so we will be getting more detailed info to you closer to the time.


The fares you pay now on your GoCard will stay the same. The only difference is that we are reducing the minimum top up amount from $10 to $5. 

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