We aim to make the buses accessible for as many people as we can.


Wheelchairs and prams

All buses in the fleet are low-floor and pram and wheelchair-accessible with additional space for wheelchairs and prams/pushchairs.

During extreme circumstances, older buses will need to be called in and these may not have low floor features, however this is rare and we try to update users on Facebook via OrbusQT for Queenstown residents and OrbusDN for Dunedin residents.


What to be aware of


  • A driver may ask passengers to move out of priority seating for someone who needs it.


  • Our buses have the ability to kneel close to the kerb to make it easy for wheelchair users to board, however kerbs around Dunedin and Queenstown vary in height.


  • Because accessibility can differ from stop to stop, the driver may set up a wheelchair ramp to help you board. Please be patient as the driver looks to find a solution to assist you to board the bus.


  • If you have a motorised wheelchair, please note that size can also be a factor for access on the bus. There is a maximum weight limit of 300 kg and a maximum width of 700 mm wide.


Get in touch with us if you use a regular service, so we can look at the best way to help you get around.

Queenstown Ferries

Unfortunately, at the moment, the Queenstown Ferries are not accessible as standard.

Please contact who will do their best to support any accessibility requirements.


Service dogs

The only animals allowed on the bus are service dogs, including guide and hearing dogs, and puppies in training.  

Your dog should please be clearly marked as a service dog, should be on a lead and sit on the floor. 

In due time, we will allow pets to travel on buses during off peak times in an enclosed carrier. Find out more here.


Total Mobility

If you have difficulty accessing the bus service, the Total Mobility scheme could be an alternative for you.

To find out more visit our Total Mobility page or call us on 0800 474 082.



E-stops are stops with an electronic display. They have an audio button for accessibility which says the upcoming departures.

The bus stops at Dunedin’s Bus Hub are e-stops and they display the timetable information for each particular stop.

In the near future, these e-stops will let passengers know how many minutes until the bus arrives at their stop. We also have an e-stop at Macandrew Bay (currently being fixed, as was vandalised) and we are also going to be trialling e-stops in Queenstown at various locations in the near future.



The Bee Card

To access more affordable travel, get a Bee Card. Find out more here.


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