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🟠🚧 Long Running Detour 🚧🟠

Valid from Monday, May 16, 2022 8:00 AM

From 8am on Monday 16th May, for between 3-4 weeks, there will be a detour in place for routes 18 (toward Peninsula), 44/55 (toward Halfway Bush & Brockville), 61 (toward City) and 77 (toward City).
The detour is to accommodate works on the corner of Moray and lower Stuart Streets, which impacts the bus's ability to turn either to or from Stuart St onto Moray Place.
Detail for each route as below:
Route 18 - City to Peninsula
The bus will leave the hub and carry on straight through Moray Place instead of turning left down Stuart St.
The bus will continue along Moray Place and Princes St, meeting its normal route at The Exchange.

Stop missed: none

Additional Stop: 151 Princes St (by Dowling St)

Routes 44/55 - toward Halfway Bush and Brockville
The bus will turn from the One-way northbound onto Rattray St at Queens Gardens, then turn right onto Princes St.
From there the bus will travel along Princes and Moray to the Hub.

Stop missed: SH One 28 (opposite Leviathan)

Additional Stop: 138 Princes St


Route 61 - Kenmure to City 
This route will turn left from Rattray St onto Princes St, instead of continuing straight along to Queens Gardens.
It will follow along Princes and Moray to the Hub.

Stop missed: SH One 28 (opposite Leviathan)

Additional stop: Princes St 138


Route 77 - toward City
Route 77 will travel as normal, then turn right at The Exchange onto Rattray St, toward Queens Gardens. 
The bus will turn left onto the one-way north, then travel to St Andrew St, coming into its usual place at the hub from there.

Stop missed: Princes St 138

Additional Stop: SH One 28 (opposite Leviathan)

Dunedin affected bus routes

  • 18
  • 44
  • 55
  • 61
  • 77

🟠 932 Harington Point Rd 🟠

Valid from Thursday, Mar 31, 2022 4:36 PM

Unfortunately due to some infrastructure challenges, route 18 will not be able to use the terminus at 932 Harington Point Rd until further notice. The bus will turn around at Pakihau Rd, with 897 Harington Point Rd being the temporary terminus.
Apologies for the inconvenience.

Dunedin affected bus routes

  • 18

Bus Schedule


Every 30 minutes from 7:38am to 9:38am and 3:08pm to 5:38pm. Every 60 minutes from 10:38am to 2:38pm, 6:38pm to 10:38pm, and a late Friday service at 11.38pm. 3:08pm service running past Bayfield High School.


Saturday: Every 60 minutes from 8:38am to 11:38pm. Sunday: Every 60 minutes from 8:38am to 8:38pm.

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Route description

City to Portobello

From the bus Hub, turn left onto Moray Place, left into lower Stuart Street and turn right onto Castle Street. Follow Castle street as it becomes Cumberland Street and turn right onto Queens Gardens, before turning left onto Princes Street. Travel along Princes Street to turn left onto Jervois St and right onto Cumberland Street. Follow Cumberland Street, keeping left until it becomes Andersons Bay Road. Continue along Andersons Bay Road, turn left onto Midland Street, right onto Portsmouth Drive, continuing on to the left over the causeway to Portobello Road, right onto Beaconsfield Road, left onto Nicholas Street and right again onto Portobello Road to Portobello outward terminus (outside 1908 Cafe at 7 Harington Point Road).


Portobello to Harington Point via Harwood

From the Portobello terminus, continue along Portobello Road and it will change name to Harington Point Road. Follow Harington Point Road turning left onto Tidewater Drive. Follow the road to the right and it becomes Harwood Street. Turn left onto Kokomuka Ave and follow it around onto Stepney Ave, then turn right onto Carnock Street and right onto Harwood Street. Continue on Harwood Street and follow the road to the left as it becomes Tidewater Drive. Turn left onto Harington Point Road and continue on to the terminus opposite the Harington Point Village (the next stop after Pakihau Road). 

Times are approximate
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