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To work out how much you’ll pay for each trip, use the zone map to count the number of zones you will travel through, including the ones you start and finish in. E.g.  St Clair to Cargill’s Corner = 1 Zone, St Clair to Octagon = 2 Zones St Clair to Normanby = 3 zones.  For journeys including 2 trips see transfer rule below.

Bus Zones

Children under 5 years old travel for free.

Child fare applies to children 5-15 years old, and secondary school students 20 and under with valid ID. 



Zones travelled Adult Child Tertiary student / other concessions
1 $1.92 $1.15 $1.72
2 $2.53 $1.52 $2.28
3 $4.44 $2.66 $4.00
4 $7.58 $4.55 $6.82
5 $11.41 $6.85 $10.27




Zones travelled Adult Child
1 $2.60 $1.60
2 $3.40 $2.10
3 $6.00 $3.60
4 $10.20 $6.10
5 $15.30 $9.20

Fares from 18 September 2017 are the same as previous fares.
Fares are subject to annual review and we'll advertise any changes.



GoCards are a great way to get the most out of your journey – you pay less than a cash fare and get a transfer within the same zone within 30 minutes of getting off (i.e. your second trip will be discounted by 1 zone). Get your GoCard from your driver on urban buses, our offices at 70 Stafford St, Dunedin City Council, or University Bookshop.

GoCard FAQs

$5 to set up, with a minimum top up of $10.

  • Your bus driver
  • Otago Regional Council, 70 Stafford St
  • Dunedin City Council, Customer Service Centre in the Octagon
  • University Bookshop, 378 Great King St.

You can ask your bus driver to load money onto your card or top-up at any of the places listed above below:

-  Otago Regional Council, 70 Stafford St

-  Dunedin City Council Customer Service Centre in the Octagon

-  University Bookshop, 378 Great King St

If you lose or find a GoCard, phone the bus call centre on 03 474 0287. There’s a $5 fee for a replacement card.

Check your receipt before moving away from the driver. The driver can’t correct the transaction after processing another fare.

If your card is declined, you’ll need to pay for your travel by cash. Failed GoCards will be replaced at no cost except where the card is bent or damaged.

Yes, bus drivers will accept cash, although it costs less to ride with a GoCard.

  • Tertiary students with valid ID (tertiary student concession applies to Otago University, Otago Polytechnic and English Language School students)
  • GoCard extra holders
  • SuperGold card holders at peak  travel times (SuperGold card holders travel free with GoCard off-peak, 9am-3pm and after 6.30pm).

Both GoCard and SuperGolds cards must be shown.

You may be eligible for a GoCard Extra, allowing you to access concession fares with GoCard, if you:

  • those who would have been entitled to the widow's benefit and are now receiving the Sole Parent Support payments and who also have a permanent disability preventing them from work
  • receive a Supported Living Payment and have a permanent disability
  • are a sight-impaired member of the Blind Foundation or the Association of Blind Citizens of NZ
  • are eligible for NZ Superannuation but do not have a SuperGold card.

Please visit the Regional Council or call us (03 474 0827) for more details or to apply.

Use of GoCard is subject to standard terms and conditions available here.

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