BUS101 - Public transport for students

Everything you need to know to get around town on the bus.

The bus system in Dunedin is called Orbus and it services most of Dunedin and beyond. Services are frequent throughout the day, connected via the Bus Hub located on Great King Street, near the tertiary precinct.

As a student, you can get discounted travel when showing your student ID along with your bus card.

Concessions (discounts) are valid in Dunedin for the following tertiary students with valid ID: University of Otago, Otago Polytechnic and English Language Partners Dunedin.


How does it work?

Start by purchasing a GoCard from:

  • University Bookshop, 378 Great King St
  • Your bus driver – CASH ONLY (no eftpos or credit)
  • Dunedin City Council, Customer Service Centre in the Octagon
  • Otago Regional Council, 70 Stafford St

The GoCard is a one-off cost of $5. After that, every time you top up you must put a minimum of $10 on the card.

It’s a small investment to get some seriously cheap fares.

You can also pick up a pocket-size fold-out map with the entire network and route frequency. Could be handy at the flat?!

Plan your journey. Click here to see routes or tap in your location to get the best results. You can also use Apple Maps to see which buses suit your journey, or Google maps or Moovit, a travel planning app.

Head to your nearest stop and be ready a couple of minutes before the scheduled time. When you see the bus arrive with the correct number hail the driver and hop on.

Don’t worry if the bus doesn’t have an Orbus logo (we’re still in the process of branding buses). If your bus number and destination is on the bus, that’s the one you want.

Don’t forget, conditions such as traffic, accidents and weather (even other passengers) can all affect the bus service, so at times they may be late. We are working a tracking programme that will show the exact location of your bus.

Get on the bus, and pop your GoCard on the ticketing machine scanner by the driver and tell them your destination, or if you know it, the number of zones. Show your student ID to get the concession.

When your stop is coming up, press one of the red buttons near your seat to signal the driver you want to get off. Try to press it after the last stop, instead of at your stop so the driver has time to slow down and indicate.


Frequently asked questions

Click here for the cost per trip.

It will tell you on your ticket, and on the scanner. If it’s been a while and you can’t remember, take $10 cash with you to top up to be safe. Later this year, when the Bee Card is rolled out, you will be able to check your balance online and top it up the day before travelling.

Find your route and check which time you want to leave, or input your location and it will show you which bus number to use. Check out this map of the network to see the connections.

We work with My Little Local where we have a dedicated Orbus button. It’s an easy way to get information, alerts and check your timetable on your phone. You can also plan your travel via Google maps or Moovit. We won’t be developing an app anytime in the future.

The new Bee Card is being rolled out later this year. Find out more here.

It’s on Great King Street, next to Countdown and the back of Farmers. 21 of the 23 Dunedin Orbus services travel via the Hub. Click here to find out more.

For the quickest update, call 0800 ORBUSDN (0800 672 8736) otherwise, get in touch via the ORBUSDN Facebook page. Both operate during business hours and the call centre operates from 9am – 5pm Saturday and Sunday. 

View our notifications and alerts page to see what diversions such as from roadworks might affect your service.

Sometimes road closures, extreme weather and public holidays can affect your bus. To find out up-to-date alerts and timetable changes, view our notifications and alerts page.

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