Real-time tracking

We are trialling a tracking map

  • The green dot is your location
  • The orange dots are bus stops
  • The blue moving dots are buses on their way
  • Select your nearest orange dot and you will see all the buses due at that stop and by when



Get started with real-time tracking

To start, select your route.

Select the ‘View Real-Time Tracking’ link on your bus route.

Image of bus schedule

If you are using your mobile device, the following pop-up may appear, if so tap ‘Yes’


Image of map and current location prompt box

Sometimes your location may not be found, and the pop-up will re-appear, if so select ‘No’. You can now select the map and choose your location on the map. Your location will show up as a green dot on the map.

Image of map and location and location prompt box

Having selected your map you will see the orange dots appear around your location. The orange dots are your closest bus stops. Select number 1 as this is closest to your location. The numbers go upwards as they move further away from your location.

The bus stops are also listed below the map in a table, which shows how many metres away from your location they are. You can select either the stop from the map, or the stop from the table below the map.


Bus locations on map

You can also search for your bus stop using the search button on the map. Start by typing in the street you want to catch the bus from. A list of bus stops for that street should appear. Select the bus stop you want to use.

When you choose a bus stop, you will now see the status of all the buses coming through that bus stop.


Status of all buses coming via a specific bus stop


Real-time buses will also appear on the map, showing the buses (as blue dots) which will be coming through your selected bus stop.

If you would like to view all buses around the city, not just the ones coming through your bus stop, you can use the bus icon button to display all buses.


Bus icon highligted on map


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