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Total Mobility Scheme

Initiated in the early 1980s, the Total Mobility scheme is provided throughout New Zealand.  The Otago Regional Council works with NZTA (the scheme is jointly funded by both organisations) to provide a scheme that helps Otago people with mobility issues to get around. 

We work with 15 supporting agencies across Otago to help people who have difficulty accessing public transport, assessing them for eligibility to access subsidised taxi transport.  With our help they can receive a 50% subsidy (up to $25) on eligible door-to-door transport with one of 16 approved transport operators, including taxi companies and private hire companies.

For more information about Total Mobility contact ORC (0800 474 082) or speak with one of the support agencies.

The new Total Mobility Card

ORC has recently introduced personalised ID swipe cards for Total Mobility, replacing the paper voucher system.  These cards are accepted in other regions that already have a card system in place (Auckland, Wellington and Canterbury). Where regions do not have a card scheme, we will issue a newly designed ‘Out of Town’ voucher, ensuring our clients continue to have access to the scheme when travelling around the country.

We have worked closely with our transport operators and support agencies to implement the new system.  Cards are being posted out and should be received by all Total Mobility clients by the end of May. 

Note: Once you receive your new Total Mobility card, you will no longer need the paper vouchers.  Please return unused vouchers to the ORC in the envelopes that have been supplied.

Total Mobility Card


Am I eligible?

To qualify for assessment, you must reside in Otago (either permanently or on a long-term basis). An eligible person is a person with a permanent disability or a temporary disability that lasts at least 6 months and prevents them from undertaking any one or more of the following five aspects of a public transport journey unaccompanied and in a safe and dignified manner:

  • Getting to the place where the public transport departs
  • Getting onto the public transport
  • Riding securely
  • Getting off the transport
  • Getting to the final destination point.

Using the service

You must:

  • Only use taxis from an approved Total Mobility transport provider (non-approved providers are not eligible for the scheme)
  • Advise the transport operator that you are a Total Mobility client and also if you are a wheelchair user. View further down the page to see which operators have wheelchair accessible vehicles
  • Present your Total Mobility card at the beginning of the trip
  • Have the full fare available to pay the driver. ORC will subsidize 50% to a maximum of $25 per trip
  • Travel in the vehicle to claim the subsidy. You cannot request a driver or others to collect goods and use the Total Mobility scheme to pay for the service (usage in this manner may result in your removal or suspension from the scheme)
  • Not give or leave your Total Mobility card with any other person
  • Use the scheme in a responsible manner and provide all information required, including informing the support agency of any change in contact details

Failure to adhere to the above may result in your removal or suspension from the Total Mobility Scheme.

Access to the scheme is non-transferrable and any use of your card by another person may result in your removal or suspension from the scheme.

Where in Otago can I use the Total Mobility scheme?

The Total Mobility scheme operates in:

  • Alexandra
  • Balclutha
  • Dunedin
  • Oamaru
  • Queenstown
  • Wanaka

List of Transport Operators

Transport Operator

Contact Number

Wheelchair hoist

Airport Shuttles (Dunedin) 0800 477 800 Wheelchair access available
Big John's Mobility Express (Dunedin) 0800 566 893 Wheelchair access available
Corporate Cabs (Dunedin) 0800 789 789  
Driving Miss Daisy (Dunedin North) 03 467 5017 Wheelchair access available
Driving Miss Daisy (Dunedin South) 03 486 2033 Wheelchair access available
Dunedin Taxis (Dunedin) 03 477 7777 Wheelchair access available
Nab a Cab (Dunedin) 03 477 3366  
Mobility Vehicles Dunedin 022 089 3665 Wheelchair access available
Mosgiel Combined Taxis (Dunedin) 03 489 3344 Wheelchair access available
Southern Taxis (Dunedin) 03 476 6300 Wheelchair access available
Driving Miss Daisy (Oamaru) 03 434 8421  
Whitestone Taxis (Oamaru) 03 434 1234 Wheelchair access available
Queenstown Taxis (Queenstown) 03 442 7788 Wheelchair access available
Wana Taxi (Wanaka) 0800 926 282  
Yello Taxis (Wanaka) 0800 443 5555  


List of Support Agencies

Agency name

Phone Number


Contact Name

Age Concern 03 477 1040 Ext 706 Fiona
CCS Dunedin 03 477 4117 Alana
**Disability Information Services  03 471 6152 Emma or Rochell
Epilepsy NZ 03 471 6207 or 027 6877 497 Lynne
Idea Services Dunedin 03 466 3850 Megan
Multiple Sclerosis Society 03 455 5894 Valerie
PACT 03 470 2208 Dion
Parkinsonism Society of NZ 03 262 7040 or 027 629 7892 Paula
Presbyterian Support Otago 03 477 7115 Judy
Royal NZ Foundation of the Blind 03 466 4230 Karen/ Rachel
The Dunedin RSA Trust 03 466 4888 Niall
VICTA 0800 20 66 20 Lynley
**Disability Information Services also offers a mobile service across Otago
CCS North Otago 03 437 9005 Jill
Idea Services North Otago 03 433 1016 North Otago Office
Diabetes NZ North Otago 03 437 2348 Jan
Age Concern Southland 03 441 3490 Duncan
Community Networks Wanaka 03 443 7799 Nova
Alexandra Senior Citizens Club 03 448 7007 Rhonda


Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a member of a registered support agency, you should contact them directly to arrange a Total Mobility assessment.

The assessor will be able to advise you whether you are eligible as soon as they have completed the assessment; a Total Mobility card can then be issued by your Agency.

If you are not a member of a registered support agency, contact 0800 474 082 and we will let you know which support agency may be suitable for you.

The assessment usually takes 20-30 minutes and will include taking a photo of you (see Privacy Statement), this is because of the new Total Mobility swipe card, a photo ID card which replaces the old voucher system. The assessment usually takes place at the support agency office or in your own home, however potentially other locations can be considered. 

The subsidy is 50% of the fare, up to a maximum of $25. If the total fare is more than $50 the client must meet the additional cost (note that the level of subsidy is not fixed and may vary in the future).

Not all transport operators provide Total Mobility services.  Please check at the time of booking that the transport operator is part of the Total Mobility scheme.  A full list of operators is provided in the table above on the page, the listing also shows the availability of wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Yes, please see the Transport Operators table. Please let the transport operator know you require a wheelchair accessible vehicle and are a Total Mobility member when booking your transport.

Present your card at the beginning of the journey.

The driver will need to see your card to check your details.

At the beginning of the trip the driver will swipe the card through a terminal in the vehicle. At the end of the journey the driver will stop the meter and calculate the subsidy.

You will need to pay the remaining taxi fare as you currently do under the old voucher system.

You will be issued with a receipt for your trip.

Yes - in certain circumstances, such as for a holiday, Total Mobility discounts can be claimed anywhere in NZ where the scheme operates. Contact 0800 474 082 for further information on regions that operate a Total Mobility scheme and how to use vouchers, local rules apply and the maximum fare contribution can vary; alternatively, speak to your support agency. 

No, only members of the Total Mobility scheme can use the service. The caregiver may travel with the member but may not use the member’s card for their own travel.

Yes, however as the eligible Total Mobility user you are required to remain in the vehicle for the entire duration that your companion travels.

Contact your support agency to order a replacement card. 

Privacy Statement

The information provided as part of the eligibility assessment for Total Mobility will be used to establish your eligibility for the Total Mobility scheme, it may also be used for statistical and research purposes which will not identify you as an individual. This information will be accessed by employees or representatives of the Otago Regional Council and your disability support agency. When required for audit purposes, information may be accessed by the agents, employees, contractors or representatives of the New Zealand Transport Agency and their auditors, or any Crown entity performing similar roles. All personal information will be held securely and protected against loss, unauthorised access or misuse.

If you do not provide the information requested (including an approved identification photograph), your disability support agency will not be able to register you as a member of the Total Mobility scheme and you will not be eligible for any subsidy.

Under the Privacy Act 1993 you have the right of access to personal information about you held by the Otago Regional Council and your disability support agency held for Total Mobility purposes. You are also entitled to request that information about you be corrected.

You must immediately notify the Otago Regional Council and your disability support agency if any information provided by you to support your application for Total Mobility changes or if there is any other change of circumstance which may affect your eligibility for the Total Mobility scheme.

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