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During construction a few weeks ago it was discovered there was a need to move a key water pipe within the construction zone. DCC, ORC and Fulton Hogan have been working together to minimise disruption as much as possible. A plan was made to close the intersection at St Andrew and Great King Streets on Sunday 14th October for 3-4 days so work can be completed in one burst rather than a prolonged series of interruptions.

Affected businesses have been informed of the issue and will be kept up to date on progress.

What roads will be closed?

We’re closing the intersection of Great King and St Andrew Streets so work on the new bus hub can be completed and the new watermain can be connected. The blocks leading to the intersection will be open, with traffic management in place. Vehicles will not be able to go through the intersection – drivers will be able to turn around before the closure if needed.

When will intersection be closed?

The intersection will be closed from 7pm on Sunday 14th October 2018 for three or four days. Crews will be working 24 hours a day to complete the work as quickly as possible.

Why is the road closure needed?

The new watermain in the bus hub block of Great King Street (between Moray Place and St Andrew Street) needs to be connected to another pipe on the far side of the St Andrew Street intersection.  
A decision was made to close the intersection so all the work needed in the area can be done in one short, sharp burst rather than in a prolonged series of interruptions.  We know the closure will be disruptive for businesses and people using the area, but we’re working hard to avoid more drawn-out or sporadic interruption.

Can vehicles still access businesses in the blocks around the closed intersection?

Yes, access to all businesses will remain open. Signs will direct traffic leaving businesses away from the closed intersection.

What about pedestrian access?

Pedestrians will be able to get to businesses in the area and will have access through the intersection, with short detours around the worksite.

Can I still park in the Great King Street carpark?

Yes. You will need to enter Great King Street from Hanover Street, do a u-turn at the St Andrew Street end of the block and access the carpark as usual from the northbound lane.

Can I still park on Great King and St Andrew Streets?

Parking will still be available on these streets, but some parks will be temporarily removed near the closed intersection to create room for vehicles to turn around.

Can I get in and out of the Centre City Mall carpark? How?

Yes, traffic can enter and exit the carpark from Great King Street. It will be possible to turn right when leaving the carpark, or turn left and do a u-turn at the St Andrew Street end of the block.



Central City Bus Hub - General Information

Where is the bus hub?
The bus hub is on Great King Street between Moray Place and St Andrew Street.

Bus Hub indicated in red.

Who is the successful tenderer?
Fulton Hogan will be completing the construction of the Bus Hub.

When will construction start and be completed?
Construction will commence in July and site works are due to be completed in November.

What will be at the hub?
There will be ten bus bays at the hub, with additional amenities including shelters, toilets, a café/kiosk and electronic signage with information about the service

Will there be access to the shops in this area?
Construction will be completed on one half of the area at a time, leaving one side of the street open to traffic both vehicles and foot traffic. Signs will be erected to advise the shops are still open and accessible.

How will the construction of the bus hub affect catching my bus?
During the construction period there will be no change to routes and timing. Once construction has completed a new timetable will be issued to reflect any minor changes that may occur.

I want to visit one of the retailers on the site, is there access?
We have worked very closely with retailers in the area to ensure access is provided to their premises throughout the construction process. Construction will be completed in stages, leaving one side of the street open for foot traffic and vehicles. There will also be pedestrian access from one side of the road to the other at all times.

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