Bus Talk 7: Central City Bus Hub FAQ

Bus Talk column - 02 August 2018

This week’s bus talk is dedicated to answering some frequently asked questions about the bus hub.

Will my bus route change once the hub is in operation?

With the hub in place, all services except the Ridge Runner, Brighton-Green Island, and the Mosgiel circuit buses will be travelling through the hub. Any route changes are minor and aimed to direct the bus through the hub.

We are working on route maps showing the route will take once the hub in service. When these maps are ready they’ll be available on the bus hub page on our website.

The ORC has said it will be making access to the public hospital easier. Is this still happening?

Yes, route 63 (Logan Park to Balaclava) will stop outside the hospital on Great King Street every 15 minutes. You’ll be able to transfer to this service at the bus hub.

The route that the Balaclava-Logan Park bus will take once the bus hub is in service.

What about pedestrian safety? Are there plans for traffic lights at both ends of the street?

We are working closely with the DCC to ensure pedestrian safety is paramount. Traffic lights will be installed on the Moray Place and Great King Street intersection and Barnes Dance lights will be configured at the St Andrew Street end of the hub.

Has kerb height been considered to make access to the bus easier?

Kerbs in the bus hub will be raised in order to make boarding the bus easier for all passengers.

Eva Forster-Garbutt, Principal Archaeologist from Heritage Properties, inspecting some items found during construction this week.

Don’t forget our website, where you can find more information about the bus hub: Orc.govt.nz/bushub

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