If you’re struggling to pay your rates or you provide a benefit to the community, you may be eligible for a rates remission or postponement of your rates.

Have a look at our policy to see if you meet the criteria. Some of the areas that may be eligible for a rates remission include:

Rating units in common ownership: providing relief from uniform charges on land that used to be a single property but is now considered two or more properties, as long as the ratepayer is the same.

Extreme Financial Hardship: to assist ratepayers experiencing extreme financial hardship which affects their ability to pay rates and it is considered that the Postponement Policy for the same purpose is not appropriate. 

Community, Sporting and Other Organisations: providing relief to Otago community-based organisations to support the benefit they provide to the wellbeing of Otago residents. 

Land used for natural, historic or cultural conservation purposes: to preserve and promote natural resources and heritage to encourage the protection of land for natural, historic or cultural purposes. 

If you do meet the criteria, please complete and submit the relevant form and supporting documentation. 

Please email a scanned copy of the completed form to rates.queries@orc.govt.nz, or post the form to Otago Regional Council, Private Bag 1954, Dunedin 9054. 

Page last updated 10 July 2024.