At the head of Lake Whakatipu, the townships of Glenorchy and Kinloch, and surrounding rural areas of the Dart and Rees, Paradise and Greenstone valleys, are exposed to a complex range of flooding, landslide and earthquake-related hazards.  

Natural hazards adaptation programme

These natural hazards are relatively frequent and can be disruptive. Climate change is expected to bring more frequent and intense weather events to the townships and surrounding areas at the head of lake Whakatipu, which could exacerbate the size, frequency and destructive potential of natural hazards. 

Head of Lake Whakatipu map showing project area

Managing these natural hazard threats is a difficult challenge, but we need to adapt.

We have established a Head of the Lake natural hazards adaptation programme. By working closely with the community on this programme, we can make the area more resilient to these hazards.

Map of the Head of Lake Whakatipu project area

More information

Visit the Head of Lake Whakatpiu pages for more information about: 

  • the programme 
  • timelines
  • presentations and workshops held in the community
  • reports and findings

About the programme

Our Head of Lake Whakatipu natural hazards adaptation program aims to build resilience through collaboration with the community. Access reports, program information, and community workshops to learn more and get involved in enhancing resilience in this area.

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What can we do about it?

We're working on ways to manage flooding and ground movement risks in the Head of Lake Whakatipu area. This involves affordable solutions supported by the community, like building structures or planning differently.

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Hazard management assessments

ORC has completed studies on managing natural hazards. These reports focus on engineering approaches for managing hazards in specific areas like Glenorchy and the lower Rees River, providing valuable insights to help councils and communities decide how to respond.

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Investigations, reports and presentations

View all the reports for the Head of the Lake Adaptation programme, as well as climate change reports and council updates.

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Summary of report findings

Read the short summary of both report findings, explaining the key points with images to illustrate lateral spreading, the floodplain and what might happen in an earthquake or flood.

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Head of Lake Wakatipu Adaptation Strategy FAQs

The Head of Lake Wakatipu FAQ page provides answers to common questions about natural hazard management in Glenorchy. It covers flood risks, earthquake impacts, and mitigation strategies based on ORC studies and expert advice, helping you make informed decisions about safety in the region.

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Get involved

Find out about our work, ask questions, share comments, or get in touch to find out how you can participate in this adaptation project:

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  • Call 0800 474 082 and ask for our Manager Natural Hazards Jean-Luc Payan