Clean air is fundamental to the health of people and environment.

We monitor air quality and work with our communities towards meeting the National Environmental Standards for Air Quality. Our Air Plan, guided by the Air Quality Strategy, help manage air pollution in Otago.

Information on Air in Otago

Air quality and health

Exposure to air pollution has multiple negative impacts on health and is well-researched globally. In Otago, our biggest problem is particulate matter, PM10 and PM2.5

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Air quality science

Air quality science monitors the tiny particles in our air that can harm health, particularly in vulnerable groups. Weather influences their dispersion, often peaking during cold, calm conditions.

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Dust can come from natural sources (like soil) and human-made sources (like industrial factories).

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Home heating

Home fires are a significant source of air pollution in some Otago towns. Get tips on reducing air pollution, heating your home economically, and the fireplace rules & regulations in Otago right here.

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If unpleasant smells bother you, let ORC know. Industry, farming, and treatment facilities can cause disruptions. ORC helps with effective odour management.

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Outdoor burning

Some outdoor burning is allowed, but are you burning rubbish or toasting marshmallows? We have tips to help you reduce the pollution caused by outdoor fires.

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Reports and publications - air

The health of people in Otago depends on clean air. ORC is responsible for managing and reporting on Otago’s ambient (outdoor) air quality and carrying out long-term continuous monitoring. We share several reports that look at the air quality in our region.

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Report air pollution

If you observe any type of air pollution in Otago, such as dust, odours, or other pollutants, please contact our Pollution Hotline at 0800 800 033 or fill in the form on our Report Pollution page. Your information is crucial in helping us maintain a cleaner environment for everyone in Otago.

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Air plans and policies

Page last updated 22 July 2024.