Explore our Natural Hazards Database to find out about natural hazards in Otago.

The database portal contains a variety of information on natural hazards in Otago, from interactive maps and photos to reports and links to other useful resources. It is a handy online tool that can help the public, local authorities and others make informed decisions about their exposure to natural hazards. 

The information within the natural hazards database portal is generally relevant to wide areas and is not a LIM (Land Information Memorandum), or a substitute for a LIM. To obtain a LIM and/or understand natural hazard information for a specific property or parcel of land, please contact your local city/district council. 

Open the natural hazards portal

How to use the database

In the Natural Hazards Database (NHDB Portal), interactive maps are presented under tabs for specific hazards, from flooding to coastal hazards and earthquakes. Each tab shows the hazards mapping information ORC holds for that type of hazard. 


  1. You can move around the maps and zoom in or out to find areas you are interested in or search an area by property address. 
  2. Click on the hazard features in any map to view pop-up information for that hazard and find a link to the source report. 
  3. There are also tabs for our photo information, technical reports and links to other resources. 
  4. Please click the Otago Natural Hazards Portal to directly access the NHDB Portal.  
  5. In addition, you can view the video below for a full description on how to best use it. 

Hazards information is indicative and is constantly being reviewed and subject to change. If you find an error or have a suggestion for improvement then please submit your feedback via our Natural Hazards Database Feedback Form.

Hazard information available

The ORC database provides maps and data on a range of different natural hazards that Otago potentially faces, including:

Page last updated 24 July 2024.