A bar is an entrance of a river or estuary into the ocean. Bars can be very dangerous no matter how experienced the skipper is.

It’s important to have the right local knowledge and skills before you cross a bar as they can change.

Before crossing the bar

  • Know your boat and your limits
  • Check the bar conditions from a high viewpoint
  • Ask a local for advice if you’re not familiar with the area
  • Check the marine weather forecast and tides, for when you’re going out and coming back
  • Avoid low water and ebb tides, if possible
  • Wear your lifejacket and have lifesaving appliances handy
  • Secure heavy items like dive tanks and close hatches
  • Check your fuel and steering, and make sure your motor is in good mechanical condition and warmed up
  • Contact VHF Ch 16, 60 or 64 before crossing and again when you’re safely across
  • Assess the conditions on the bar as you approach

Taieri Mouth Bar (live)

Visit taierimouth.org.nz to view the live Taieri Mouth Bar camera.

Taieri Mouth Bar

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