If you want to undertake stream clearance at any scale, you will most likely require resource consent.

There are some activities that can be undertaken without consent as a permitted activity.  These are only permitted activities if you meet the conditions for the activity you are doing.  Some of the activities are as follows: 

  • Removal of alluvium from structures to protect the structure 
  • Maintenance or reinstatement of water intakes other structures 
  • Clearing material that has accumulated because of a storm event 
  • To manage erosion  
  • Controlling aquatic pests 
  • Small gravel takes 
  • Constructing a sediment trap 

Anything else will require consent. 

Please contact consent.enquiries@orc.govt.nz to make sure you are sure of the rules that apply to you. 

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Page last updated 22 June 2024.