Contractor and supplier information

This page sets out the information we need before you become a supplier or contractor for the ORC.

New supplier request form

Please complete your payment details in the new supplier request form. Send the form to your ORC contact, who will pass it on to the finance team. Attach proof of bank details (such as a deposit slip). 

Tax information

Most businesses will handle their tax arrangements directly, but we are sometimes required to deduct taxes before your bill is paid.

For some activities, we must deduct tax before paying your bill (Schedule 4, Income Tax Act 2007). If you perform one of these activities, please provide us with a declaration of the amount to deduct – otherwise we will deduct 45% and pay it to Inland Revenue on your behalf.

These activities are summarised on the back of the IR330C Tax Rate Notification for Contractors form. Please check this form to see whether you need to fill it out. If you do, please submit it with your new supplier request form.

Health and safety

The ORC is committed to ensuring a safe working environment and meeting our duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 when engaging contractors. This keeps ORC employees, contractors, sub-contractors and members of the public safe. 
To work for the ORC, you must pass our health and safety approval. This applies to any type of work or service, but not to the supply of goods or products. Please review the Contractor Health and Safety Policy below. 

Complete either the self-declaration for low-risk work (e.g. consulting/desk-based work) or the pre-qualification questionnaire for medium to high-risk work (e.g. maintenance/repairs, field work, construction). 
Please send your completed forms to

If you have any other questions, please talk with your key contact person at the ORC, or email:

Regulatory Department:

Engineering Department: