Annual plans provide a process for the Otago Regional Council (ORC) to review the detailed budgets in the current Long-term Plan (LTP).

Council sets an annual plan for each financial year between our LTP reviews. It includes the annual budget, funding impacts and any adjustments to the work programme or funding set out in the LTP.

Our current LTP runs from 2021 to 2031. It is reviewed and rewritten every three years.

Find out below what our commitments are for this annual plan year, and how we can fund this. Let us know if you think we should carry on with the programme.

Annual Plan 2023-24

The 2023-24 Annual Plan continues our commitment to raising Otago’s environmental standards, supporting communities to be more resilient in the face of climate change, improving and restoring land and water quality, and improving public transport. 

ORC Chair Gretchen Robertson says the Council has agreed to stick to commitments made in the 2021-2031 LTP for the 2023-24 financial year. While there is no substantive change to council’s work, the proposed rates increase is more than planned. 

In response to national inflationary pressures and the changing environment, the Council proposed a rates increase, above the planned LTP increase for 2023-24. This ensures we can stay on track to meet the environmental outcomes set out in the LTP, a plan that was widely supported by the community. 

Page last updated 22 July 2024.