We're proposing changes to the way your communities are represented.

With significant growth in Central Otago/Queenstown Lakes, the Otago Regional Council is proposing reducing the number of councillors in Dunedin by one and adding one to the Dunstan constituency.

The proposal

The Otago Regional Council is proposing to reduce the number of Dunedin councillors by one and add one councillor to the Dunstan constituency. This is due to significant population growth in the Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes areas.

The proposed changes will affect the Dunedin and Dunstan constituencies. 


Communities of interest

Dunedin Constituency

Comprising the comprising central Dunedin and the Waikouaiti Coast, West Harbour, Otago Peninsula and Saddle Hill community board areas located within the Dunedin City territorial area.

Dunstan Constituency

Comprising the Central Otago District and Queenstown Lakes District territorial areas.

Based on the the proposal, the population that each member will represent is as follows:





Population per member

Dunedin Constituency




Dunstan Constituency




In accordance with section 19V(2) of Local Electoral Act 2001, the population that each member represents must be within the range of 21,217 +/- 10% (19,096 – 23,338), unless particular community of interest considerations justify otherwise.

All of the proposed constituencies fall within the stipulated range.

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How to have your say

You are invited to have your say on the Council’s representation proposal and any other suggestions you may have about councillor numbers or ward boundaries.

Submissions open 10 July and close 11 August.

Submissions can be made either online below or by mail/drop off to:

Attn Amanda Vercoe, to Otago Regional Council:

  • Dunedin office: 144 Rattray Street, Level 2, Philip Laing House, Dunedin, or
  • Queenstown office: 1092 Frankton Road, Alta House Level 1/Terrace Junction, Frankton, Queenstown.

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