What happens after you have put in your submission?

After the deadline has been reached, all submissions are carefully considered and summarised. A summary of the decisions requested will be publicly notified.

If you made a submission, you can then lodge a further submission, either supporting or opposing someone else’s submission. Once the further submissions process has concluded, these will be incorporated into the "Summary of Decisions Requested". 

A hearing will then be held and, if you indicated you want to speak at the hearing, ORC will contact you with details of when you will have an opportunity to speak in support of your submission. You may speak in English, te reo Māori or New Zealand Sign Language. If you want to speak in te reo or sign language, please let us know so we can organise a translator.

A record of the meeting will be circulated, and any decisions reached on changes to the plan, policy statement or plan change will be documented, and stakeholders (including submitters) will be notified.

What happens if you disagree with the final decision?

You have the right to appeal the decision if you made a submission. An appeal must be received within 15 working days of receiving the decision.

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