Do you need support with your project that will help enhance or protect our environment?

There is funding available for eligible community-led projects that protect, enhance or promote Otago's environment. This includes our ECO Fund and financial support for resource consent processing.

While the Otago Regional Council ECO Fund is a yearly fund community groups can apply for, there are other options for funding to help with your projects. 

Of course, funding isn't the only thing needed for environmental projects. You may also need help setting up a community group, connections with volunteers, or sponsorship for one off events. 

ORC would like to help connect your environmental project with the resources you need. 

ECO Fund


The ECO Fund consists in a general fund for community-led environmental projects and incentives funding that targets specific environmental issues.

The fund supports:

  • work on the ground
  • increasing community capacity and awareness about the environment
  • up to 50% of administration costs (e.g., 50% of wages for support staff)
  • purchase of materials such as plants, traps and fences

The ECO Fund will not pay for the fees associated with any resource consents; however, Council may provide assistance to community groups for such requirements.

Funding for consent fees


A total of up to $50,000 per year is available through the Environmental Enhancement Projects Policy fund to help community and catchment groups with resource consent processing fees. This also includes the compliance and administration costs associated with the granted consent. 

Other sources of funding


Discover a wide range of funding sources available for environmental and community projects, including options that provide substantial financial support as well as localized grants tailored to specific areas and project sizes.

Page last updated 4 July 2024.