You can use this map to see consents currently issued by ORC, see what the consent is for, how long it’s in place for, who holds the consent and supporting documents.

The information on this map is kept up-to-date to the best of our abilities but if you think something is incorrect, or you cannot find the information you want, or you need further information, please contact us by emailing or call 0800 474 082.

How to use our consents map


You can use the search bar in the top left-hand corner to search for a consent number (e.g. RM16.315.01) or a property address.


To find out what the coloured symbols on the map mean you can open the legend in the blue band at the top of the page.


The information in this map is split into layers. The ORC Resource Consents layer should automatically be turned on when the map opens.

You can view all of the layer options by clicking ‘Layers’ in the blue band at the top of the page.

If you would like to narrow down what appears on the map you can turn layers off. For example, if you want to only show ‘Discharge to Air’ consents, click the arrow to the left of ‘ORC Resource Consents’ and untick all options underneath this except ‘Discharge to Air’.

Consent information

Once you’ve found the consent or property you’re looking for, click on the symbol to bring up the information available on this consent in the popup panel. This will show you the consent number, the type of consent it is, whether it’s a current or expired consent, who holds the consent, when it expires, a summary of the consented activity and supporting consent documents.

Some of the recommended reports and consent documents published before 2016 are not currently available on the map. However, if you would like a copy of these documents, please email us at

Page last updated 22 July 2024.