The Regional Pest Management Plan (Pest Plan) sets out the framework for how pest plants and animals specified in the plan will be managed in Otago over the next 10 years.


The Pest Plan is prepared under the Biosecurity Act 1993.

It identifies 49 species of plants and animals as pests due to the economic, social, cultural or environmental problems they pose to Otago.

The Pest Plan outlines the framework to efficiently and effectively manage or eradicate listed pest plants and animals in Otago.

It sets objectives, how these will be achieved and monitored, and rules that are specific to each of the plants and animals listed as pests in Otago.

The Pest Plan also empowers ORC to exercise the appropriate enforcement and funding provisions of the Biosecurity Act 1993.

The Pest Plan is only part of ORC’s response to pest management, and it is supported by the Biosecurity Strategy. ORC is also involved with surveillance of organisms of interest, community assistance, public education and biodiversity projects.

Status of the Pest Plan

ORC publicly notified the proposed Regional Pest Management Plan on 1 November 2018. Following the process of submissions, hearings, and appeals, the plan became operative on 11 December 2019.

Why you should read the Pest Plan

Land occupiers must control of pest plants and animals on the land they occupy.

If you're a land occupier, you are responsible for ensuring that any pest plants or animals on that you occupy are controlled in accordance with the rules in the Pest Plan.

The Pest Plan does not specify the technical methods for controlling pests; it is up to you to use an appropriate method (e.g. spraying, poisoning). However, you must comply with rules under regional and district plans as well as the Pest Plan itself.

For more information on pests in our Plan, including control advice, visit our Pest and Biosecurity section.

Biosecurity Operational Plan 2023-2024

The Otago Biosecurity Operational Plan 2023-2024 sets out how we will achieve year three goals set out in our Pest Plan. While the Operational Plan focuses mainly on our statutory functions through the Pest Plan, we are actively involved in several regional and national biosecurity and biodiversity-related leadership roles (as described in the supporting Biosecurity Strategy). 

Otago Regional Council Biosecurity Compliance Enforcement Policy

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