We collect environmental data from all over Otago.

This data to helps us, and others who use it, make good decisions about managing our resources. Our map and data links below allow you to view our data and better understand our region’s environment.  

Environmental monitoring looks at conditions and trends from data we gather about air quality, water quality and biodiversity (how plant, animals and insects are faring).  

Water info (EDP)

Discover the latest water data for over 350 monitored sites across Otago. Explore the Environmental Data Portal to access water levels, rainfall, flow, and more. Make informed decisions for our region’s environment.

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Land info (EDP)

Soil moisture data from the EDP provides guidance on when to apply effluent. Remember, it’s a guide—rainfall and soil types vary. Farmers, trust your judgment for safe practices.

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Air info

Our air quality data is available to view on LAWA. Monitoring shows that for most of the year air quality in Otago is very good, with values within the National Environmental Standards for clean air.

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Natural Hazards Database

Explore Otago’s Natural Hazards Database. Whether you’re a curious citizen or a decision-maker, explore and stay informed. Remember, for specific land details, grab a Land Information Memoranda (LIM) from your local council.

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Otago Maps

Explore Otago Maps to discover valuable information about our region. From regional plans to consents, this mapping tool provides insights for informed decisions.

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Otago native planting guide

Use this interactive guide to find which native plants might work best in your area. It's made to make sure we choose the right plants for Otago, whether it's in a backyard, on a farm, or in a community project. By planting native plants, we can improve the diversity in Otago, creating a healthier ecosystem, improving water quality and fighting climate change.

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Otago Regional Council Spatial Data Portal

Spatial data includes any information that relates to a particular geographic location or area. Use this site to find, explore, and download datasets owned by the council.

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Land and Water Aotearoa (LAWA) offers vital environmental data about the quality of our rivers, lakes and beaches, water quantity data.

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Land and water maps

Interactive maps including data on threatened species, primary recreactional sites and water bodies.

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Page last updated 9 July 2024.