Te Kaupapa | Our mission

Whakahaumakohia te ao kia whiria te taura ora ki waeka i te taiao, i te tai-takata, i te tai-whenua mō nāianei, mō te āpōpō hoki

Enriching life in a way that ensures positive relationships between environment, people and place, now and for our future

Ka aha mātau | What we will do 

Ka tāwharau, ka whakahona, ka whakaniko, ka whakamana

Protect, Connect, Enhance, Enable

The wellbeing of Otago’s communities - now and in the future - is at the heart of what we do.

We will enhance environmental management in Otago by:

  • Taking an integrated catchment management approach;
  • Putting more emphasis on spatial planning;
  • Enhancing access to and communication of data and knowledge.

Good air quality

  • With our partners, promote and enable clean heating and support warm and energy-efficient homes.
  • Protect Otago’s communities against the effects of the emission of harmful air pollutants.
  • Monitor air quality in the region and investigate pollution sources.
  • Provide best available information on Otago’s air quality.

Healthy and diverse ecosystems

  • Coordinate collaboration on biodiversity programmes and initiatives within the region.
  • Deliver biodiversity management.
  • Lead biosecurity management in the region.
  • Promote and enable good land management and environmental initiatives to protect and enhance Otago’s biodiversity and ecosystems.
  • Monitor and investigate the health of Otago’s ecosystems.
  • Provide best available information on Otago’s ecosystems.
  • Engage with communities and iwi partners to increase collective understanding of ecosystems.


Sustainable and quality urban development

  • Set directions on managing urban development in the region for environmentally sustainable growth.
  • Promote and enable initiatives that support environmentally sustainable communities.
  • Collaborate to integrate urban planning, infrastructure planning and environmental management.


Healthy water, soil and coast

  • Promote and enable:
    • Best practice land management, for soil conservation, water quality and using water efficiently
    • Initiatives for the enhancement of Otago’s waterbodies and coast
  • Engage with communities and iwi partners to increase collective understanding of Otago’s catchments.
  • Protect our land, water and coast from inappropriate activities.
  • Maintain river channels, waterways and coastal mouths.
  • Monitor and investigate the health of Otago’s fresh and coastal water, and soil resources.
  • Provide the best available information on Otago’s water, land and coastal resources.


Effective response to climate change

  • Lead a regional approach to climate change to:
    • Enable climate change mitigation and meeting New Zealand’s emission targets
    • Support Otago communities adapting to climate change effects
  • Engage communities to increase understanding about climate change and its impacts.
  • Monitor the region’s carbon-footprint and set an example to manage emissions as an organisation.


Community resilience to natural hazards

  • Set directions to manage natural hazard risks; and support decision-making to mitigate these.
  • Engage with people, communities, iwi partners, and other stakeholders to increase understanding of natural hazard risks in the region.
  • Lead regional emergency management response and planning.
  • Deliver flood protection and land drainage infrastructure.
  • Monitor and investigate natural hazard risks in the region Provide flood warning information.


Sustainable, safe and inclusive transport

Collaborate with partner agencies to:

  • Integrate transport infrastructure and public transport into urban planning.
  • Promote the transition away from private fossil-fuel passenger transport together with partner agencies.
  • Promote safe land-based and maritime transport.

Regional leadership

  • Engage with our communities, and collect relevant information about wellbeing.
  • Take appropriate actions to address the region’s identified significant wellbeing issues.

Te whāika ki ORC | Vision for ORC 

Otago’s communities, through engagement, trust us to make well-informed decisions and enable solutions.


Ō mātau uara | Our values 

  •  Accountable
  •  Collaborative
  •  Caring
  •  Trustworthy
  •  Creative
  •  Open and honest

Ō mātau haepapa | Our commitments 

  • Focus on customer needs
  • Implement central government directions in the regional context
  • Deliver integrated environmental management
  • Effectively engage communities
  • Collaborate to deliver
  • Partner with mana whenua and make Mātauranga Kāi Tahu an integral part of our decision-making
  • Make decisions that are evidence-based and timely

Whakaritea ana he ohu e mahi tika rawa ana mā: 

Enabling a high-performing organisation through:

  • An engaged, resilient and inclusive workforce
  • Prudent, fair, and transparent financial management
  • Continuous improvements to information management, business processes and technology