Here you can find all our regional and corporate plans, policies and strategies.

You can read policy documents that help protect our environment, reports from scientists with data that helps communities, and strategic plans that will help guide Otago into the future.  We have kept older documents available so that you can see historical information and data - but please make sure the publication you are referring to is the most up-to-date version. 

Reports and publication from our scientists can be found under the area you are interested in. 

Fact sheets and how-to guides are available under the area you are interested in. 

Environmental plans and policies

Air plans and policies

The Regional Plan: Air for Otago (the Air Plan) assists us in managing Otago's air resource.

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Annual plans

Provides a process for the Council and community to review the detailed budgets contained in the Long-Term Plan.

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Biodiversity strategy and plans

We've developed a biodiversity strategy to set out collective outcomes for Otago, inform ORC work programmes, and establish a collaborative framework.

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Biosecurity strategy

This Strategy sets out ORC’s broader role in biosecurity, and a number of important actions and projects to better manage pests and harmful organisms.

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Coast plans and policies

The Regional Plan: Coast for Otago (the Coast Plan) assists us in managing the resources of Otago's coastal marine area.

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Compliance plans and policies

Compliance plans and policies help us address key environmental issues in Otago by monitoring our progress and adapting as needed.

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Land and Water Regional Plan

Otago Regional Council is developing a draft Land & Water Regional Plan. We need your input to help improve water quality and waterways. Learn more.

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Natural hazard plans and policies

Learn more about the plans and policies that help mitigate the Natural hazards in Otago.

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Otago Regional Policy Statements

The Regional Policy Statement (RPS) sets the direction for future management of Otago's natural and physical resources. It provides the foundation for the development of regional plans and district plans.

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Regional economics

The Otago Economic Work Programme is aimed at helping both the ORC and Otago communities understand the natural resources and socio-economic status of our region and the impacts of various environmental policies.

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Regional Pest Management Plan

The Regional Pest Management Plan (Pest Plan) sets out the framework for how pest plants and animals specified in the plan will be managed in Otago over the next 10 years.

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Waste plans and policies

The Regional Plan: Waste for Otago (the Waste Plan) guides how we manage Otago’s waste issues. It sets rules for how specific activities should be carried out.

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Water plans and policies

Water is the first priority of the Otago Regional Council. Our Regional plan and Land & Water Regional plan are two documents that we use to help develop rules and regulations which will help communities protect our water for generations to come.

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Page last updated 9 July 2024.