Bus Talk 5: Keeping you updated on your bus service

Bus Talk column - 19 July 2018

Our operators do a great job of running the bus service on time and en route as much as they possibly can. Inevitably though, factors beyond anyone’s control cause delays, diversions or service interruptions from time to time – and we’ve been working on changes to our systems to make sure that you get word of these as fast as possible.

Last year we launched our dedicated Facebook page for the Dunedin bus service as a way to help make sure that the information was getting through. We also post bus alerts on our web page.

Our current system involves several steps – our bus operators call us, and then we work through getting the critical information out onto the website and the Facebook page as quickly as we can, with someone on call all hours of the bus service to make this possible.

We’re working on streamlining the process so that the time between the operators first becoming aware of a problem and bus-users being alerted is as short as it can be.

What changes will I see?

Our new process gives the bus operators a quick online form to complete. This will pull together the key information that we need to get out into one message – including which services or routes are affected, the cause and impact of the delay.

The message will post to both Facebook and our website in one click.

We are trialling this new process from Monday. The main difference you will notice is that alerts will be quite consistent in their wording.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback – get in touch by messaging our Facebook page, giving us a call (03 474 0827) or emailing us at comms@orc.govt.nz

Bus Hub

Work has started on the bus hub this week. Rest assured all retailers in the construction area are still open for business and access to all retailers will be provided throughout the construction phase.

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