Bus Talk 6: Bus Hub Update

Bus Talk column - 26 July 2018

Our central city bus hub is now on its way, with construction in progress on site.

Construction will be completed in defined sections. This systematic approach will mean that a part of the street will be accessible at all times, providing one lane of vehicle and pedestrian traffic throughout construction.

Alex Sutherland of Fulton Hogan inspects placement of markings on site, ready for the next stage of construction.

What will it look like when it's finished?

The hub will have ten bus bays, covered shelters, toilets, and electronic signage displaying real-time bus information and, like the buses, will have Wi-Fi access.

We are working closely with DCC to provide safer street access to the area, including installing traffic lights at the intersection of Moray Place and Great King Street, as well as Barnes Dance traffic lights at the St Andrew Street end of the hub.


What about retailers?

Access to retailers, businesses and the police station will be available throughout the construction process. There will be a walkway running across Great King Street providing pedestrian access to both sides of the street.

We have set up a bus hub page on our website with information on the hub. We’ll keep this up to date on hub progress.

Just search bus hub on our website: orc.govt.nz/public-transport/dunedin-buses/bus-hub


Bus Alert System

You may have noticed bus notifications on our website and bus users Facebook page have been more consistent this week. Our operators have been using the bus alert system, which has a link to both sources, and have removed one step of the process – allowing quicker posting of notifications.

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