Otago and Southland Regional Transport Plans mid-term update

Media Release - 13 July 2018

The Otago and Southland Regional Transport Committees (RTC) have recently completed their mid-term update of the 2015-2021 Regional Land Transport Plans (RLTPs) which set a vision of transport in the future. The combined plans also outline how the ten local authorities in the two regions, alongside NZ Transport Agency (NZTA), intend to achieve this.

The focus of the update is to “provide a safe and sustainable transport system that supports and enhances regional development.” A major emphasis of these plans is maintaining and operating road networks. Many of the projects proposed in the plans will be of wider benefit than just to ratepayers in a single district.

Cr Trevor Kempton Chair of the Otago RTC said, “This update contains the recommendations for connection via public pathways, cycle ways and general transport in the Southland and Otago regions. Integration of modes and solutions is central to the plans and aligns strongly with the new government policy statement on transport”

Otago and Southland have jointly developed their RLTPs as they have shared transport issues and opportunities. The joining together in the creation of these plans has been spurred by a heightened awareness that journeys do not stop at administrative boundaries. The success of both Otago and Southland relies heavily on good land transport infrastructure and services as our primary industries need good access and freight services linking farms and forests, suppliers, processors and export gateways.

The plans cover the areas of Otago Regional Council and its district councils, and the Environment Southland Regional Council and its district councils.

Table 1: Top priority projects proposed in Otago Southland, 2018-2021

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