Silver Peaks - Possum Control - Poison Warning

Thursday 22 May 2014

Environmental Monitoring and Operations advises that a ground based possum control operation will be taking place to keep possum numbers under control to prevent spread of TB. This operation will be conducted as a part of the TBfree New Zealand programme.

Areas covered: From Clarke and Double Hill Road intersection follow north above Careys Creek and as far East as the Coast line, taking in Warrington Domain and spit to a point 500m North of Omimi Creek. The boundary then heads West following Church Road, into Mountain Track Road taking in private farm land and bush as far west as Christmas Creek and South to Jubilee Hut then follows back East along DOC boundary and up the true right of Waikouaiti River south branch and back onto Mountain Track Road. Total area of control is 4568 hectares.

Operation date: 13 January to 30 July 2014

Poisoning methods, poison used and nature of poison: Possum habitat will be targeted using Feratox encapsulated cyanide baits in bait bags, strikers and bait stations. These will be attached to trees, and suitable habitat. Bait Stations will either be on stands or attached to trees and fence posts.
Feratox capsules (dyed green) will be placed in peanut paste inside biodegradable blue or white bait bags, feratox strikers or in bait stations with either cereal prefeed or paste.
The public is warned not to enter these areas and not to remove carcasses or baits. Baits are dangerous to people and dogs.

General warning

  • Do not touch poison baits/bait stations/traps
  • Do not touch poisoned possum carcasses
  • Keep pets under supervision; do not let dogs eat poisoned carcasses
  • Do not leave children unattended
  • Follow the advice on the poison warning signs.

If you suspect poisoning

  • Contact your local hospital, or dial 111
  • National Poisons Centre 0800 POISON – 0800 764766
  • In the case of a domestic animal being poisoned, contact a local veterinarian.

For further information (including maps of the operational area), contact the operator
Blair Barringer, Environmental Monitoring and Operations, 027 498 6146.