Public notice

Poison warning - Macraes

Friday 31 July 2015

Otago Regional Council will be carrying out a poison operation at Macraes on property of Greg Hand, Rex McCone, Jim Thomson and Department of Conservation. Carrot bait containing Sodium Fluoroacetate (1080) will be applied by helicopter.

There will be a toxic application between 22 July and the 30 July 2015 (dependent on weather conditions).

Warning signs will be erected at all public access points to the treated area.

The public should note the following points:
DO NOT enter this area without permission.
DO NOT handle or remove carcasses, or baits.
DO NOT allow children to wander unsupervised in this area.
DO NOT allow dogs or pets to roam into the operational area as poisoned carcasses can be deadly to dogs.
Treat all carcasses as toxic.

Signs will remain in place until the area is safe. Please treat the area with caution until then.

All enquiries to Scott Liddell, phone 03 445 0122 Approved Operator, Otago Regional Council