Bus Talk 5: Introducing Route 15 - The Ridge Runner

Friday 18 August 2017

As part of the changes to bus routes and timetables planned for 18 September, the Otago Regional Council is introducing the Ridge Runner – an entirely new route and a key part of the new network structure.

The Ridge Runner will skirt the hills just above the Town Belt, dropping down to the flat at both ends of the route (campus and the Hillside Road/Andersons Bay Road corner).

Though it isn’t a complete circle, the Ridge Runner is essentially an ‘orbit’ service – designed to connect urban bus routes that span out from a single central point. It will intersect almost all of Dunedin’s urban services. Together with the planned bus hub, the Ridge Runner is geared to make it easier to ‘connect the dots’ with easier transfer points from service to service opening up journeys across the whole network.

Ridge Runner

Running in both directions, the Ridge Runner will intersect almost all Dunedin’s urban bus services.

Ridge Runner in brief:

  • 30 minute frequency in both directions weekday on-peak
  • Hourly both directions in the weekend
  • Links through from the campus to the Gardens, Maori Hill, Roslyn, Belleknowes, Mornington, the Glen, Carisbrook and Cargill’s Corner, finishing up at the Andersons Bay Road/Hillside Road corner.