Bus Talk 7: Communicating timetable and route changes

Thursday 31 August 2017

You may have already received your new bus timetable booklet - it’s being delivered to mailboxes this week. The new timetable will be effective from 18 September.

As we work through changes to the bus service, we’ve also been looking closely at how we communicate information about our routes and timetables. For many years, Otago Regional Council has published a booklet-style timetable with any service changes and distributed it to mailboxes city-wide.

As we work on improving our bus service, we’re keen to ensure we’re sharing the key information about the bus service in a way that’s both user-friendly and accessible.

We recently held a focus group session with representatives from a wide range of bus user groups to help us get the user perspective on this. Some of the feedback from this session was that, given the volume of change to routes and timetables, and with the planned bus hub also in the works, the time isn’t presently right for changing the timetable booklet format as well. Therefore, we’ve made only minor changes to the booklet design and format this year.

Of course, the timetable booklet is only one of several different ways to access bus information; it’s also available on www.orc.govt.nz/buses and with our new website going live soon, it’ll be easier than ever to search and navigate routes and timetables.

With all these options in the mix, we’re keen to make sure the printed bus information makes sense within the bigger picture – and make it easy for users to access the information they need.

Got feedback on our timetable booklet?

We’re keen to hear from you as we consider where we’re headed with our printed information on the bus service. Contact dunedinbustimetable@orc.govt.nz

Haven’t received your timetable by Friday?

Contact our bus helpline on 03 474 0287. Look for this column in your Star every week as the Regional Council works towards improvements to your bus services.