Media release

Possible marine oil spill - Media advisory #2

Friday 10 February 2017

There is some evidence of diesel on the water following a vessel running aground at the entrance to Oamaru harbour yesterday evening.

The owner of the vessel has engaged a salvage diver from Dunedin, whose priority is to locate the fuel tanks with a view to isolating them to prevent any further fuel leaking. The state of the tanks is unknown until they have been assessed by the diver, who is due to arrive at the scene soon.

Otago Regional Council (ORC) staff trained in oil spill response are at Oamaru harbour with the aim to minimise the impact of any spilt fuel on what is a particularly sensitive environment.

Regional on-scene commander (ROSC) Scott MacLean said there is no sign of any impact on wildlife at this stage, and ORC is working closely with the Department of Conservation and the penguin colony.