Media release

Emergency Management Otago update #11 – 10.45am

Monday 24 July 2017

Emergency Management Otago Update #11 – 10.45am

The state of emergency has been lifted in Otago and the region has officially transitioned into recovery.

Nick Donnelly has been appointed Group Recovery Manager. Within Dunedin the recovery operation is being managed by Simon Pickford from the Dunedin City Council.

Group Controller Chris Hawker said that in practical terms, Emergency Management Otago’s staff would now be supporting the recovery operation.

Dunedin has established a formal recovery office. Elsewhere in Otago, the Waitaki, Clutha and Central Otago District Councils are carrying out repairs and community support activities as part of their normal business.

The Otago Regional Council’s operations staff are inspecting flood schemes, clearing debris and repairing damage.


This is the last update from the Otago CDEM Group for this event.
Michele Poole, Public Information Manager, 0278398306