Media release

Free wi-fi coming for Dunedin bus passengers

Thursday 27 July 2017

Passengers will be able to enjoy free wi-fi access on all Dunedin bus services from around late September.

Otago Regional Council chairman Stephen Woodhead said passengers will be able to use the internet free of charge.

“We’ve had many requests for wi-fi on the bus from the community and we’re really pleased to be able to introduce it shortly,” Mr Woodhead said.

The introduction of wi-fi is one of several planned improvements to the Dunedin bus service in coming months. Other features include increased service frequency, consistent routes seven days a week, a centralised bus hub and real time tracking capacity to make it easier for bus users to know exactly when to expect the next bus.

Upcoming service changes are summarised below.

For more information contact
Gerard Collings
Manager support services
Otago Regional Council
Ph 0800 474082 or 0274 848800

What’s changing in September?

New routes & timetables We’ll be introducing simplified routes and timetables on Monday 18 September.

Some routes will stay the same, some will change a little and some will change a lot.

You can expect a new bus timetable booklet in your mailbox early September. All the details will be available on our website too.

Buses come more often We’re moving towards getting most urban on-peak services on Rapid (every 15 mins), Frequent (every 20 mins) or Regular (every 30 mins) timetables.

Streamlined, simpler routes The routes will be more straightforward with fewer variations, getting you to where you’re going faster.

Same routes 7 days a week All buses will follow the same routes all the time, including evenings, weekends and public holidays.

Ridge Runner We’re bringing you a new service called the Ridge Runner. It’ll provide a link between South Dunedin, Mornington, Roslyn, North Dunedin, and the University precinct - making it easier for you to connect between services.

Bike racks

All urban buses will have bike racks installed. If you live near the top of one of Dunedin’s steep streets, you can bike into town and take the bus back up the hill.

Further changes this year…

Centralised bus hub Our bus hub is coming towards the end of this year. It’ll connect the urban bus routes, making your transfer between services much easier.

Superstops Five stops at key connection points will become superstops. They’ll have bonus features such as screens telling you when the next bus is coming, and extra shelter and seating.

Superstops are currently planned to be at:

  • Green Island
  • Mosgiel
  • Botanic Gardens
  • Campus
  • Cargill’s Corner

Real time information Screens at both the bus hub and superstops will show you real-time information, so you’ll know when the next bus is coming.

2018 and beyond…

Integrated ticketing system Next year we’ll be bringing you a brand-new ticketing system. This will help you manage your ticket with online top-ups, easy transfer, and a lower minimum amount to top-up.