Bus Talk 14: Wifi by Christmas

Thursday 2 November 2017

Dunedin bus-users will be able to enjoy free wi-fi access on all Dunedin Public Transport buses by Christmas. The wifi equipment is being installed in the buses over the next month, in advance of an expected go-live in December.

The Regional Council has been working hard to bring wifi to Dunedin buses and we’re pleased to be able to add this technology to the buses to help make passengers’ journeys as pleasant as possible.

Wifi will be available on all routes, including the longer routes such as Portobello, Port Chalmers, Palmerston, Mosgiel and Brighton, using the 3G and 4G network.

Installation of the necessary equipment is logistically complex – there’s only so much room on a bus and plenty of other electronics are already in place for ticketing and CCTV etc.

We’re working with specialised installers and it’s a relatively slow process, given that buses can’t be taken out of service for any length of time.

The equipment being installed will also provide a GPS data feed for the Real Time system planned for the Dunedin network. The Real Time bus tracking information is expected to be via an app from next year, meaning passengers will be able to track the bus they’re waiting for in real time via mobile phone.