Bus Talk 13: Passenger trip numbers continue to trend upwards

Thursday 25 October 2018

Updated statistics on the Dunedin public transport network are in!

Dunedin network is showing consistent growth and this last round of stats shows passenger trips up by 12% compared to the corresponding period of July August last year.


Calton Hill terminus has changed

You may have noticed the terminus in Calton Hill (routes 5 and 6) has changed.

The bus stop at 27 Riselaw Road (green square) is no longer in use.

The bus stop (blue square) is the new terminus and buses servicing route 5 from the City will terminate at this stop. Buses on route 6 departing for the City and Pine Hill will also leave from this stop.

For buses heading to the City the bus stop on Waimea Avenue (red square), near the intersection with Riselaw Road can also be used.

There has been no change to the timetables.