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ORC wants your help to prioritise projects for Tomahawk Lagoon

Thursday 6 September 2018

Otago Regional Council (ORC) has been working alongside the Tomahawk community to develop a vision and identify projects for the restoration of Dunedin’s Tomahawk Lagoon.

Two community workshops have already been held, and the next step is getting the public to vote on what projects they think are the most important.

ORC Director of Science, Hazards and Engineering, Dr Gavin Palmer, said the level of involvement from the public has been impressive.

“Tomahawk lagoon is much-loved by many people in Dunedin, and we’re enjoying working with the community to shape its future.”

“A lot of great ideas have been raised, and while we are asking people to vote only on projects ORC can lead, we are sharing all of the ideas because we want to help where we can on the other projects,” Dr Palmer said.

Projects include adding Tomahawk Lagoon to ORC’s water quality monitoring network, removing sediment around the weir in the top lagoon, reducing the frequency of algal blooms, and looking into the balance between hydrological functions, flood protection and ecology.

People can have their say on the projects on ORC’s YourSay website from now until 30 September. New project ideas are also welcome.

A third workshop will be held later this year to tell the community what the voting results were, and what will happen next. There are also plans to establish a ‘Friends of Tomahawk Lagoon’ group so people and organisations can work together on projects that will enhance the lagoon.

To find out more information and to have your say, visit

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Dr Gavin Palmer - Director Hazards, Science and Engineering
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